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Lakewood Lodge - Totara's Camp Newsletter

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CAMP NEWSLETTER                                  WEDNESDAY 11 FEBRUARY


Thanks to all the parents who have come to the camp meeting tonight.


Below is a summary of the details that we are covering:

  • Activity groups
  • The programme
  • Activity rotation
  • Survival camp: Groups 1-3 Monday, sleep out Monday night; groups 4-6 Tuesday, sleep out Tuesday night; groups 7-9 Wednesday, sleep out Wednesday night. Programme explained.
  • Duty: Duty roster for adults and children
  • Responsibilities for the adults who are attending camp
  • Availability of vehicles for additional luggage e.g. tents
  • Packed Lunch Monday: All children and adults will need to bring a packed lunch, drink, and morning tea on Monday 16 February.
  • Baking: Groups 1-6 will need to bring an ice cream container of home baking. NUT FREE PLEASE. For parents who have children who are gluten intolerant or dairy free please provide baking for your child and we will keep it separate for them.
  • Fruit: Groups 7-9 will need to bring 20 pieces of fruit to camp. (Last time water melons were a hit, as were other summer fruits)
  • Fruit and food will need to be handed in before we leave for camp on Monday morning. It is easier to transport in banana boxes and have the fruit and home baking ready to unload when we arrive at camp.
  • Visitors: Any parents wishing to come to camp for a day trip will need to pay $5:00 for lunch and/or $10:00 for the evening meal. Please let Carol know. Money also needs to be handed in to Carol who has to pay the camp.
  • Monday 16 February: Everyone needs to be at school by 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning of the 16 February. Bags should be named and left outside the office to make loading the buses easier. There will be 2 buses:

Parents and children from groups 1,2,3,4 AND 4 chn from group 5 will be in Bus 1

Parents and children from groups 6 7,8,9 AND 4 chn from group 5 will be in Bus 2

  • Return: We plan to arrive back at school close to 3 p.m. on Thursday 19 February. Children will need to be picked up from school.
  • Medication: Children who have medication need to hand this into Carol before we leave school. This will need to be named and instructions for use will need to be clearly written on the outside of a snap lock plastic bag. This includes pharmacy medicines such as anti histamines. Carol will administer medication.
  • Raincoats: All children need to have a light waterproof jacket to take. In previous years some coats have not been waterproof and children have got wet and cold.
  • Special diets: We have just been informed by Lakewood lodge that Children who require a Gluten free diet need to provide their own cereal (they do have rices), bread and pasta; children who require a Dairy free and Vegan diet, need to provide their own cheese and milk. All food brought to camp for gluten, dairy free and vegan diets needs to be named and labeled.
  • Payment: Please pay camp fees by Thursday 12 February, or make arrangements with Carol or Sue in the office for payment. Lakewood lodge requires prompt payment.
  • Sleeping arrangements: Sleeping groups will be flexible due to the survival camp component of camp.


Thanks; The Totara Team.

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