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Totara Camp Information 16-19 February 2015

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Camp meeting Wednesday 5 November 2014


CAMP 16-19 FEBRUARY 2015

Wednesday 5 November 6 p.m.- Camp meeting for all current year 4 and 5 parents to discuss Totara’s 2015 camp at Lakewood lodge
585 Glen Murray Road, Huntly

Aspects to be covered include: `

  • Camp location   Website
  • Format of camp – EOTC: personal challenges, being away from home for 3 nights and 4 days
  • Experiences children will have – opportunites to experience a wide range of outdoor activites, (see activity list) sleeping outdoors, establishing bonds with other children and the parents / teachers who are part of camp
  • Goal seting: - all children will be involved in achieving common goals, i.e. participating in challenging situations, working as a team member, and setting one personal goal that they will focus on achieving
  • Requirements - personal see gear list
  • Requirements – for group although the camp is catered, we ask 6 groups to bring home baking and 3 groups to bring 20 pieces of fruit each
  • Cost - $350 TBC. If you wish to make arrangements to make regular payements for the camp fee before camp please contact the office
  • Groupings – activity groups: 9 groups each with 10 members; sleeping groups- as 3 groups each night are staying under canvas chldren will not be in specific groups
  • Travel to and from camp by bus, although we will ask one/two parents to take a vehicle as we will need to transport the tents
  • Possibility for parents to visit – yes, although if your child gets homesick it is best that you don’t come. It is very distressing for the child, parents and other children if a child is upset and wants to go home. If you do come, for the day/ evening there is a cost for lunch and dinner
  • RAMs for activities come from lakewood Lodge and are very detailed. All instructors are trained.
  • Parents – we need 2 adults per group, we will confirm at the beginnning of next year. We ask parents to take a full role in camp supporting the teachers. All adults jobs that they and also their team needs to complete.

We all need to support and nuture the chldren to ensure that their camp experience is a positive one.

  • Tents: we desperately need tents to accommodate 38 people for the over night experience


Lakewood Lodge Adventure Farm Camp


What to Bring

******Please name your clothes******


Sleeping bag, pillow, (extra bedding is available)

3 Towels

3 Plastic bags for wet/dirty clothes

Personal toiletries


Swimming togs + towel(s)

Wet suits if possible

Shorts, T shirts

Sneakers (must have for climbing wall)

Jandals / sandals for everyday use

Gumboots for riding (or you can borrow the ones at Lakewood lodge)

Wet weather coat (just in case)

Warm sweatshirts/jerseys for evenings

Track pants/jeans for evening

Book to read

Cards / game to play

Tissues, plasters


Insect repellent

Sun hat

Water bottle

Survival camp requirements:

Daypack to take gear (sleeping bag etc) over to survival Camp

Bedding roll, plastic plate, fork, knife, mug(for survival camp)


Children can bring cameras, but they must be responsible for them

Packed lunch from home for Day 1.

Drink bottle

Groups 1~ 6:  A disposable container of home baking


Groups 7 ~ 9:  20 pieces of fruit

No money or hand held electronic games

No lollies


******Please name your belongings******













Parent’s / Caregiver’s permission and medical information form


I give permission for ________________________ to participate in the Year 5 and Year 6 camp at Lakewood Lodge 585 Glen Murray Road 16-19 February 2015.

  • I agree that he/she should take part in such activities and such necessary duties as may be required by the staff.
  • I authorise the obtaining on my behalf any medical assistance, if, in the opinion of the staff, such treatment is necessary, and agree to meet any costs incurred.
  • To the best of my knowledge he/she has no medical or physical disabilities likely to prove detrimental to him/her or others during the programme.
  • I understand that the school will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property (check household policy).
  • Should my son/daughter be involved in a serious disciplinary problem I accept that he/she may be sent home at my expense.

Signature of Parent/Caregiver: _____________________ Date: _____________

Address: ______________________________________________________________


Telephone numbers: Home:   _________________Work: __________________

Emergency Numbers:  Daytime: ________________Name: _________________

Night: ________________________   Name: ____________________________

This report is to assist us in case of any eventuality with your son/daughter. All information is held in confidence. We ask parents/caregivers to note the following requests:

  1. Please complete the following and return as soon as possible
  2. Is your child presently taking tablets and/or medicine?YES / NO



  1. All medicines must be handed to the teacher in charge prior to leaving, with your child’s name, the dose to be given and when it should be taken. (These will be kept in the first aid cabinet and distributed as required).

Please do not allow children to be in possession of any medicine whilst on the trip.

Please tick if your child suffers from any of the following:

Bed wetting        [ ]         Fits of any kind   [ ]         Heart Conditions             [ ]

Dizzy spells        [ ]         Sleep walking     [ ]         Asthma                          [ ]

Blackouts           [ ]         Migraine             [ ]         Travel sickness               [ ]

Other: ________________________________________________________________________

Allergies to:       Penicillin           [ ]         Any food                        [ ]         Drugs                [ ]

Special care required: ________________________________________________________________________


Date of last tetanus immunisation: ________________

Is this the first time your child has been away on a school camp?                     YES / NO

I authorise the teacher in charge of the camp to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with me; to the child receiving such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed to be necessary.

Signed: ___________________________     Date: _______________________

Please complete and return by Wednesday 4 February.


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