Culture and Arts Week

We are holding a Cultural Celebration Week 4 - The 21-23 May.

All children will be in groups of mixed ages, the older children supporting the younger ones (Tuakana-teina),  moving between cultural activities run by the teachers over the four days. On the Thursday children are invited to dress up in a costume that reflects their, or any other, culture to celebrate diversity within our community.  Costumes or outfits could include kilts; a sports uniform, swanndri and gumboots, kimono, traditional Chinese clothes, etc. Really, it equates to anything students feel comfortable in.

Students are also encouraged to bring along a shared plate of food that represents their or another culture and they will join in on a shared morning tea within their syndicate during the Thursday.  Any food specifications or new allergies should be alerted to the classroom teacher.

Any family members who would also like to visit and share aspects of their family’s culture are welcome on this day.  Please email your child’s teachers to arrange this if you are interested.