Board of Trustees

Being part of the Vauxhall Board of Trustees is a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the overarching direction of our school.  The board meets twice per term, eight times per year. The board is made up of five parents, one staff representative and the principal.

The board is responsible for school governance. This includes setting strategic direction and an annual plan for the school and tracking progress in this regard. The children’s wellbeing and their academic achievement are at the heart of all our decisions and the forefront of the board's focus.

We listen carefully to the needs of the children and staff and work in partnership to improve outcomes for children the school.


When we meet, as well as discussing our progress towards our strategic and annual plan,

we always discuss:

  • Student achievement
  • Property
  • Health and safety
  • Finance
  • Policy

we often discuss:

  • Staffing
  • Community consultation

We may discuss:

  • Complaints
  • Suspensions

Before each meeting we prepare by reading the relevant documents that have been distributed by the principal and the Board Presiding Member so that we are prepared to discuss the material at the meeting. Meetings are held on a weekday at 5:30pm and usually take 1 ½ -2 hours.


Please find a copy of our annual report here

Grant Buckley

BOT Blake Noble

Blake Noble

Lou Powles (Staff Rep)

Mark Foster

Sally Scovell (Presiding Member)

Blair Hilditch

Gary Lawrence (Principal)