sKids Onsite After School Care

The sKids team has worked extremely hard to promote and grow their after school programme but unfortunately the number of children attending has not improved and it does not look likely to increase at present.

The limited demand for sKids services has reached a level where it is no longer possible to sustain the ongoing operation at Vauxhall School.

We have agreed to put our sKids contract on pause.

We intend to reopen sKids when they reach a minimum of 12 children every afternoon on our waiting list.

Please email sKids with afterschool childcare enquiries at

"Kids just love it!"

We operate everyday afterschool 3-6pm.

At Vauxhall School, we are committed to:

  • Provide children with nutritious afternoon tea 
  • Help children with their homework
  • Engage the children in freeplay 
  • Run a fun special learning activity tailored to the theme of the week. 

You can rest assured that your children are safe, secure, having the time of their life that they won’t want to leave! 



Do you have a before school care and holiday programme? 

Yes we do as soon as we have sufficient interest. Please contact for more information.



sKids Devonport October 2020 Holiday Programme.JPG

How much is your fee? 

It depends on your individual programme. We offer a discounted rate for permanent full time or part time bookings. Casual bookings will be taken if space permits and there is no guarantee of placement. You will only pay for the sessions booked and attended. OSCAR subsidy is available! Find out if you are eligible at: 

Pop around to sKids room from 2.30pm and have a chat with the team.

For more information, register and book, please visit our website at: 

You can also look us up the sKids Vauxhall Facebook page.

Contact JP Tay, Programme Owner on 022 547 4203 or