Teacher Development

This page shares how our teachers are dedicated to and involved in continuous professional development

Vauxhall School is part of the Devonport-Takapuna Community of Learners or Kahui Ako

The school in our Kahu Ako are:

  • Bayswater School

  • Belmont Intermediate

  • Belmont Primary

  • Devonport Primary

  • Stanley Bay School

  • Takapuna Grammar School

  • Vauxhall School

Together we meet to share learning and professional development to improve the achievement and wellbeing of our students. Among other learning areas, Vauxhall School has been extensively involved in Kahui Ako mathematics professional development. We have Vauxhall School teaching staff in roles responsible for the facilitation of shared professional development between the schools and within our own school. 


Teachers have been involved in a wide variety of professional learning in 2022 in the following areas:

  • Play and inquiry in the Classroom: Ongoing support from Longworth Education and in house support and learning from each other at Vauxhall School
  • Student wellbeing following what we learnt during lockdown
  • Better start to learning: Structured Literacy
  • Senior Leaders Professional Learning Groups - termly professional discussions with leaders from other schools. 
  • Tilting the seesaw: Autism NZ