Choir and Kids for Kids

This Worldvision sponsored event featuring New Zealand singers Nathan King and Jackie Clarke is held every year at the Bruce Mason Centre. 

Vauxhall School participates in this fantastic night celebrating New Zealand music and singers. 

Students work together to rehearse the songs which they perform alongside Nathan and Jackie, with the money raised going towards the aid work of Worldvision. 

Our ‘kids’ singing to help ‘kids’ in need around the world.



Kapa HakaIMG_2553.JPG

Vauxhall School currently has a large kapa haka group of senior students that meet weekly to learn, practise and perform Kapa Haka.

The group gets opportunities to share and perform the skills they have learnt at school and community occasions and events.

Music and Rock Band

At Vauxhall School we have private tutors (information available at the office) who take music lessons for a range of instruments through the day. We also have two rock bands taught by one of our music instructors. Rock band practice is held weekly at lunch time in the school hall.


Every alternate year we coordinate a whole school production. We have a focus on either dance, music or theatre for each production.