School Zone

Vauxhall School Proposed Enrolment Zone

Vauxhall School has been directed by the Ministry of Education to establish an Enrolment Zone to reduce overcrowding.

The School’s home zone shall comprise:

1.      Northern Border

  • Both sides of Old Lake Road plus Hemi Street and Fraser Road.
  • Wicklow Road (In Zone: 1-31, 2-28)
  • Merani Street (In Zone: 1-23, 2-24)
  • Hamana Street

2.      Western Border

  • Eastern side of Lake Road from Old Lake Road to Albert Road.

3.      Southern Border

  • Albert Road to Vauxhall Road. (odd - 71 Vauxhall Road plus)
  • East side of Vauxhall Road from Albert Road to Devonport Domain - Northern

4.     Boundary (even - 30 Vauxhall Road plus)

  • Tui Street, Eton Ave and Oxford Tce are included.
  • Cheltenham Road is excluded

Out of Zone Enrolments

We accept out of zone enrolments at Vauxhall School and hold a ballot each term to ensure children can start throughout the year. Please contact the school office for more information about out of zone enrolments and complete our enrolment form here.

school zone map