Innovative Learning Environments

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Vauxhall School is an innovative learning environment / modern learning environment

These are terms used to describe flexible learning spaces and teaching philosophies that adapt to the learning needs of the children.

Our environments have been designed to support modern learning practices, where student agency is enacted.

The Education Review Office described Vauxhall School as having "innovative learning environments incorporating responsive teaching practice, student ownership of learning, high levels of engagement, authentic contexts, the development of key competencies and the strategic use of digital technologies to connect, collaborate, create and share learning".

Where learning spaces are happy, light filled environments

Unlike many independent classrooms in traditional schools, Vauxhall School has created bright, roomy and comfortable shared learning spaces dedicated to each year group. 

These collaborative and flexible spaces are comprised of both larger common areas and smaller spaces for adaptive dynamic teaching and learning in group work, as well as play based learning.

Our variable spaces:

  • Allow primary school age children to develop independence, inter-personal skills and responsibility.
  • Cater to individual educational needs
  • Create the best possible learning situation for all children

Come and see our variable spaces in action at Vauxhall School– book an appointment now.

play room

How do our flexible spaces work?

Flexible spaces allow our teachers to create flexible, learning and sharing environments. Teachers are able to break away into smaller rooms or spaces when working with their small literacy and numeracy groups. Although they have one main teacher, the children have other teachers to connect with and learn from during the day.  This environment also builds and strengthens friendships with all the children in their year group.

At Vauxhall School we see play as an integral part of our students learning and growth. 'Play-based learning' or 'learn to play' underpins our programme in the Junior School and this evolves into rich student-led learning in the Senior School.

Children thrive in the flexibility of the generously spaced classrooms, their caring and nurturing atmosphere and the high expectations of achievement.  Positive partnerships between home and school ensure the school culture develops our students into self-motivated, secure and responsible learners. 


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