Gifted and Talented Education


At Vauxhall School we help all children identify and develop their strengths. We track each child's progress and help them think creatively and reach their potential. We believe in doing this in a 'high expectations' learning environment without the label of giftedness being used.


This link sums up our approach to gifted and talented education very well.


These are some of the ways the teachers have said we avoid ability grouping at Vauxhall School:
  • Calling togtether students based on learning gaps for instructional grouping - Calling children in fluid groups, not a labelled group.

  • Students select which level of work they work on, workshops etc.

  • Students can move on from instruction when they understand.

  • Change groupings whenever we create mixed ability groups and record who we have seen.

  • Being flexible, not keeping children in the same group all the time. Not feeling labelled or pigeon holed.

  • Give children a text beforehand or the day before to give those that need it the extra prep.

  • Education is not just about progress but developing a positive mindset.

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