A warm welcome to education in New Zealand and to our school,
Vauxhall Primary School

Vauxhall School is proud to offer primary school international students from the Asia Pacific region, and further afield, to join our wonderful, caring and nurturing primary school located in a safe and beautiful residential area north of Auckland.

Our teaching is based on the New Zealand education system.  Our international students become a part of our mainstream classes, school life, wellbeing and community-based activities, to provide an authentic immersion into our school. 

We love the rich, cultural diversity primary school international students bring to our school on Auckland's North Shore and we encourage them to grow and prosper at our school and in the wider community of Auckland.

Vauxhall School is a signatory to the code of practice for the pastoral care of international students.Vauxhall Primary School observes and is bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Copies of the Code are available from the NZQA website at www.nzqa.govt.nz.

Our principal, Gary Lawrence is the coordinator of our international students and the main point of contact when your child is attending Vauxhall School.

Please email the school on principal@vauxhall.school.nz to register your interest to enrol your child as an international student.


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Eligibility for Primary School International Students

Are you unsure if your child will enrol as an international student or domestic student? Find out the Ministry of Education requirements to enrol as a domestic or international student here


Medical and Travel Insurance

All primary school international students require medical and travel insurance.

Uni-care has policies tailored for international students. Read more>>


Our fees are in line with average New Zealand primary school fees for international students and must be paid for before the student's place is secured in the school.

International student school fees can be paid weekly, on a term basis or yearly and include GST plus a non-refundable administration fee per term.

There is also an activity fee per term to cover the costs for art supplies, stationery, excursions, shows and visiting experts.

Extra fees are applicable for teachings including English language support (ESOL).

Fees Information

New Zealand Student Visa

Every primary school international student must have a current Visitor Visa for enrolments of up to 3 months, or a Student Visa for enrolments of over 3 months.

Visa Information

Forms and Documents

The following documents and links provide more information about enrolling your child as a primary school international student at Vauxhall School.

Forms and Documents